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Grazing Tables

Making your event stand out from the crowd

A birthday party, baby shower, hen/stag do, wedding, corporate event, open evening- you name it, our Grazing Tables have got it covered. Our grazing tables are designed for larger parties, allowing attendees to enjoy a sociable eating experience that doesn’t stop. We will work with you to design your unique dining experience, all we need is a table and the space!

Each table created is individual to your party and desires, we love getting creative and designing beautiful displays. As we support local suppliers, most of our produce are sourced locally and freshly prepared for you to enjoy in sumptuous surroundings. Each table will include artisan cheese, a selection of meats, olives, sun dried tomatoes, pates, crackers, breads, dried fruits, a plethora of fruit and vegetables. It simply does not stop... If there is any product you absolutely can’t stand, or a product you simply adore- we’ll leave it out or provide an abundance. The Cornish Grazing Co aim to provide variety, uniqueness and a sensual experience for all that eat our works of art!

We cater for all dietary requirements, our tables will include a menu card and all allergen information will be clearly labelled. A table will take 1-3 hours to set up dependant on the size. Listed below are table lay options- any questions, let us know and we are happy to help!


The Layered Graze

15+ Grazers

Arriving at your chosen venue, we require a table and designated space to get creative. The Layered Graze includes glassware, bowls, props, boards, cheese knives, props and beautiful fresh foliage. As our products and props will be used for this display, we will have to return within 24 hours to collect equipment.

  • 1m Grazing for for 25 people- £300.00

  • 1.5m Grazing for 40 people- £465.00

  • 2m Grazing for 60 people- £665.00

  • 2.5m Grazing for 80 people- £910.00

  • 3m Grazing for 100 people- £1,225.00

  • 4m Grazing for 150 people- £1,600.00


The Level Graze

15+ Grazers

For the Low Lay Graze, we require a table at your venue and a designated space. This table design will not include additional items such as boards, props, candles etc. This will still be finished with a set amount of beautiful foliage, and we are able to add additional foliage should you require. For this table, we do not need to return to collect any equipment afterwards.

  • 1m Grazing for 25 people- £260.00

  • 1.5m Grazing for 40 people- £410.00

  • 2m Grazing for 60 people- £610.00

  • 2.5m Grazing for 80 people- £810.00

  • 3m Grazing for 100 people- £1,150.00

  • 4m Grazing for 150 people- £1,500.00